Personalize your email address lists with Name Extractor


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Personalize your email lists
 with Name Extractor

Personalize your email marketing with Name Extractor



Turns any ordinary email address list into a personalized, responsive list in no time.

If you are marketing with email, but your email lists don't include the recipient's first or last name, you need Name Extractor.  

Most emailing software can send personalized bulk email, but unless your email lists contain a name for each email address, you can�t use the feature.  Now, with Name Extractor you can!!!!!!



You read that right!!  You can now add first and last names to your email lists.


Personalization generates more response!

It's a fact that any type of marketing campaign, especially email marketing is much more successful when you can address your recipient by name.  With Name Extractor you are now able to turn your ordinary greeting of "Dear recipient", into "Dear Steve" or "Dear Sally".  By adding this personal greeting your email now has much more importance to the recipient and a much better chance of being read and responded to.


What Your Lists Will Look Like

Name Extractor will turn an address list like this:


Into a list like this:,John,Steve,Robert,Terry,Sally


This format is now ready to load into your favorite emailing program or database.  Your email list just got personal!!!


Name Extractor finds recipient's name in your bulk email lists


How it Works

Most people, when creating an email address for themselves, use some form of their name in their email address.  Usually they use their first name, which is great because that's usually the best way to address them when sending them an email.  Name Extractor takes advantage of this.  When processing each list, it looks carefully at each and every email address, then with use of its Intelligent Name Recognition Engine � it is able to recognize any name that appears before the @ in the address.  If a name is in there, no matter what other letters or numbers may surround it, Name Extractor will find it.  It does this in a fraction of a second; allowing it to process thousands of email addresses per second.  


The Name Database

One of the ways Name Extractor accomplishes this wonderful feat is by use of its extensive name database.  Name Extractor's exclusive database contains thousands of the most commonly used names and has been compiled in such a way that combines both speed and efficiency.  Not only that, but the name database is completely editable by use of Name Extractor's built in Name Editor, giving you the user complete control over the names to search for.  


What about speed? 

Name Extractor is blazing fast. On average, Name Extractor can process 100,000 addresses (looking for both first and last names) in just one minute.  Looking for first names only is even faster, spitting out 100,000 addresses in just 36 seconds, that's almost 3000 addresses per second!!!  


How many names will it find?

Depends on your list, but after months of testing literally millions of email addresses, we have found that on average you can expect a 70% or better success rate.


How Much does it cost?

The cost of Name Extractor is currently only $79.99


Name Extractor is a must-have for anyone using email marketing, no matter how big or how small the lists.





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