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These screenshots will help give you a general idea how the program works.   As you'll see, we have designed Name Extractor to be very user friendly and easy to use within minutes after installation .   Don't let this ease of use fool you.  The program is lightning fast and can handle just about anything you throw at it.

For more thorough instruction please refer to the included help file within the program.

Name Extractor's "Main" screen

Screenshot of Name Extractor.  Personalize your email lists


Source File
Here is where you will select your source file, an email address list.  The format should be a text (.txt) file, one address per line.

Name List Selection
Select the "name" list you would like to use during processing.  Included with Name Extractor are 3 name lists within it's database, a first name list, a last name list, and a miscellaneous type list which can be used for nicknames.   Here you have the ability to select which name list(s) you would like to use while processing.  You can select any combination.

Save List Selection
Once processing is complete you will use this function to save your lists.   Here you have complete control over which names will be saved with your list.   Select one or more in any combination.

Breaking these functions apart makes it very easy to save multiple lists if you like, one for first names, one for last, or even one for the addresses that no name could be found.  You'll find these to be very useful once you start using the program.

Gives a total on how many email addresses in the currently loaded list

While processing, gives a real time count on the amount of addresses in the list that has been processed thus far.

While processing, gives a real time count on the amount of email addresses in the list that are yet to be processed.

Name Extractor's "Names" Screen

Screenshot of Name Extractor.  Personalize your email lists

The Names screen allows the user to view all of the names which reside in the Name Extractor database.  These names include the top (most popular) 1000 men's first names, the top 1000 women's first names, and the top 10,000 last names in north America.   We have also included a "Misc" list which can be used for things like nicknames.

The database included in Name Extractor is exclusive to this program.  The database was refined over the period of several months, testing and adjusting over and over until it preformed to our stringent requirements while maintaining maximum speed and efficiently. 

Even though the database is extremely accurate, Name Extractor includes a editor to allow you the ability to edit the database even further based on your own particular needs.  Adding, deleting, and modifying any name within any of the lists is easy and fast, allowing you full control over the the names the program searches for

Name Extractor's "Results" Screen

The Results screen in Name Extractor allows you to see exactly what is happening during processing.  As the program processes your list you can scroll through it to see the results.  You can do this for the first 10,000 email addresses within your list during processing.  After processing has stopped, you can view the entire list. 

You have the ability to sort the results by first name, last name, Misc, or by email address.



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